The Quantum Monkey

from by Radiosepia

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- A deranged pseudo-scientist details his latest research trip to the zoo to unlock the ‘100th monkey theory’-


Step one, I smuggle through the gates,
Got a ripe pear and overflowing dates, yeah!
Oh my god, from where I am sitting,
I am finger tips from monkey city.

Step two, when nobody is looking,
I use my left hand, see my monkey fruit fly, oh!
I feed baboons, I feed the gibbons,
I earn my place in monkey heaven.

I am searching high and low for the monkey strings,
Are you the hundredth monkey, are you?
High and low for those monkey strings,
Did the monkey wash his apple, did he?

Step three, I´m counting all the monkeys,
Got a notepad and a tally chart for cleaned fruit.
I left my wife for this monkey theory,
The quantum world never seemed so hairy.

And I see their cold stares; I know they hold the answers,
As they wave their hands, holding up bananas.
- A ripe one first, then black then yellow,
this quantum code’s a crafty fellow.

The quantum strings that connect your fridge,
To eleven new dimensions, I close my eyes…


from Digital Scars, released October 14, 2012
Words and Music by Matt Monaghan



all rights reserved


Radiosepia Barcelona, Spain

Radiosepia play original alternative rock/folk songs. They are especially active in Barcelona and spend a lot of time deep in ocean trenches chasing lost melodies.

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